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Amber Portwood is a reality TV star from the show Teen Mom. She has been in the public eye for over 10 years and has recently become a makeup mogul with her own line of cosmetics. Amber’s makeup line is called “ never done ” which is also the name of her memoir .

In an interview with People, Amber says that she wants to help other women feel beautiful and confident like she does when she wears makeup. Her line includes products for all skin types, sizes, and shapes. Whether you are looking for a new foundation or just want to try out some new lipsticks , Never Done has something for everyone!

The Evolution Of Amber | Teen Mom OG

Amber Portwood has always been one of our favorite reality TV stars. She first burst onto the scene on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant,” where she was an open book about her life as a teen mom. Since then, she’s starred on “Teen Mom OG,” and we’ve continued to watch her grow up before our eyes.

Nowadays, Amber is 27 years old and a mother of two. She’s also engaged to be married! And we have to say, she looks better than ever.

Part of that may be due to her recent weight loss journey, but we think it also has something to do with her killer makeup game. Seriously, this girl knows how to do her makeup! Just take a look at some of these gorgeous photos:

Whether she’s rocking a smoky eye or a nude lip, Amber always looks flawless. We love that she isn’t afraid to experiment with different makeup looks, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Amber 16 And Pregnant

Amber Portwood is best known for her role on the MTV reality series 16 and Pregnant. The show documented her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Leah. Amber grew up in a small town in Indiana.

She was raised by her mother, Tonya. Amber has an older brother, Shawn, and a younger sister, Candace. Her father, Jeff, was not present in her life growing up.

Amber dropped out of high school when she became pregnant with Leah. She struggled with addiction throughout her pregnancy and after Leah was born. In 2011, she entered a rehabilitation facility to get help for her addiction.

After leaving rehab, Amber continued to struggle with addiction and mental health issues. She was frequently in and out of jail over the next few years. In 2015, Amber started dating Matt Baier.

The couple got engaged later that year but called off the engagement in 2017. They remained together until 2019 when they broke up for good. Amber has been open about her struggles with addiction and mental health issues over the years.

In 2018, she released a memoir called Never Too Late: My Story About Teenage Mothers And Overcoming Life’s Obstacles .

Amber Portwood Son

Amber Portwood’s son, James, was born on May 8th, 2012. He is her first child with then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Amber has full custody of James and has said that she is “doing everything [she] can to be the best mom [she] can be.”

In an interview with PEOPLE in 2019, Amber opened up about how she has changed since becoming a mother: “I’ve turned into such a different person,” she said. “I never knew I could love something so much in my life.” Amber has been candid about the challenges of parenting, sharing that it’s “not always easy” but that she is grateful for her son every day.

She also spoke about how parenthood has helped her grow as a person: “Having a child definitely changes you and makes you more responsible,” she said. If you’re a fan of Teen Mom OG, then you know that Amber’s relationship with Andrew has been tumultuous at times (to say the least). But through it all, Amber has remained focused on co-parenting and being the best mom she can be to James.

Andrew Glennon

Andrew Glennon is a reality television personality who appeared on the first season of Married at First Sight. He was paired with fellow contestant Ashley Petta. The couple currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Glennon was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from the University of Southern California. He later moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting.

In 2018, he was cast as a contestant on the Lifetime reality television series Married at First Sight. The show documents couples who agree to marry without meeting each other beforehand. After getting married, the couples must live together for six weeks and decide whether or not to stay married or get divorced at the end of that time period.

Glennon and Petta ultimately decided to stay married after their six weeks together, and they are still together as of 2019. They welcomed their first child, a son named Rowan, in 2019.

Amber Portwood Net Worth

Amber Portwood is an American reality television personality with a net worth of $1 million. She rose to prominence after appearing on the MTV reality show, “16 and Pregnant” in 2009. After giving birth to her daughter, Leah, she was featured on the spin-off series, “Teen Mom”.

Portwood has been open about her struggles with mental health and addiction. In 2012, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and placed on medication. However, she struggled with sobriety and entered rehab several times.

In 2017, she revealed that she had been sober for over two years. In addition to her reality television career, Portwood has also released a memoir, “Never Too Late”, and launched a clothing line called “Always For Me”. She has also appeared on other shows such as “Marriage Boot Camp” and “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Amber Portwood Makeup


Does Amber Portwood Still Have a Clothing Line?

Amber Portwood still has a clothing line called Forever Amber. The line is carried by the online retailer Fashion Nova.

What Did Amber Portwood Do to Andrew Glennon?

Amber Portwood was arrested on July 5th, 2019 on a domestic battery charge for allegedly attacking her boyfriend and father of her child, Andrew Glennon. The couple had been arguing prior to the incident and police were called to the scene. Amber was released from jail on bond the following day.

According to Andrew, the fight started over a disagreement about custody of their one-year-old son. He claims that Amber became irate and began hitting him with her fists and a shoe while he was holding their child. She also reportedly threatened to kill herself with a knife.

Andrew says he was able to escape with their son and lock himself in another room until police arrived. Amber has not spoken publicly about the incident, but her lawyer has said that she denies any wrongdoing. This is not the first time she has been accused of violence against Andrew; in March 2019, he filed for sole custody of their son after claiming that Amber had hit him while he was holding the baby.

What Did Amber Portwood’S Sister Pass Away From?

Amber Portwood’s sister, Candace, passed away from an accidental drug overdose on November 22, 2019. She was just 27 years old. Candace had struggled with addiction for many years and had been in and out of rehab several times.

Her death is a tragic reminder of the dangers of drug addiction and the need for more treatment options and resources for those struggling with this disease.

How Many Felonies Does Amber Portwood Have?

Amber Portwood is an American reality television personality. She has been featured on the MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant and its spin-off, Teen Mom. She has been convicted of two felonies.

In 2010, Portwood was charged with two counts of felony domestic battery after she was caught on camera assaulting her then-fiancé Gary Shirley in front of their daughter Leah. The charges were later dropped to a single count of misdemeanor domestic battery after Shirley decided not to press charges. In 2012, Portwood was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to drug possession charges stemming from an arrest earlier that year.

However, she was released early from prison in 2013 after serving 17 months behind bars.


Amber Portwood is known for her natural beauty, and she recently shared her favorite makeup products with her fans. Portwood uses a foundation that matches her skin tone, and she loves the way it makes her skin look flawless. She also uses a setting powder to keep her makeup in place, and she always uses a primer before applying any other makeup products.

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