laura prepon hair color

Red, golden-haired Or Black, Which Hair color Fits Laura Prepon best?

laura prepon hair color

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This is the first episode in which Donna is blonde and she keeps that color for the last two seasons of the series. In truth, Laura Prepon dyed her all-natural hair color at the time she was shooting the movie Karla. Either way the opening credit histories from seasons 5 as well as 6 are still used.

Thankfully, the starlet shares lots of youth throwback pictures on Instagram, like the one above, so it’s secure to say she’s certainly been a redhead from the beginning. During her time on ‘That 70s Show’, Laura Prepon played a redhead and also did so for a lot of the programs run. In 2004, Laura took a duty in a motion picture called ‘Karla’, where she showed off a blonde look. Considering this film was contended the same time as her time on FOX, Laura’s personality, Donna, showed off blonde hair in the program, too! From red hair to blonde, to playing a redhead on ‘OITNB’, followers started to question what Laura Prepon’s actual hair color is. Throughout her time playing Donna on ‘That 70s Show’, Prepon sported red hair, while on ‘OITN’, Laura went with an all-black design, all while dyeing her hair blonde while she wasn’t shooting. This inevitably led fans to become rather perplexed over Laura Prepon’s actual hair color.

Orange Is the New Black celebrity Laura Prepon has tried every hair color in the book. She’s gone jet-black while playing Alex Vause and also both blond and red as Donna on That ’70s Program. Thinking about exactly how excellent she looks in every color, you may be wondering which one is her natural hue.

While Eric recommends Donna’s blonde hair “is an indicator [she’s] chilling out,” it was in fact an indicator of larger things to come for Prepon in her acting occupation. At the time, Prepon was filming for her lead duty as a lady deeply crazy with a terrible rapist and killer in the motion picture Karla.

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