Makeup Geek Tiki Hut

Welcome to my blog post about the Makeup Geek Tiki Hut. This is a great product for those who love makeup and want to have a great time doing it. The Tiki Hut is a small, portable makeup case that comes with everything you need to get your party on.

It includes: -A large, well-lit mirror -A comfortable chair

-A variety of makeup brushes and other tools


If you’re looking for a fun, summery eyeshadow look, you need to check out Makeup Geek’s Tiki Hut eyeshadow. This vibrant orange shade is perfect for adding a pop of color to your look, and it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. To create this look, start by applying a light base all over your lid.

Then, use Tiki Hut in the crease as a transition color. Next, apply the shade to your lid and blend it outwards. Finally, add some highlight to the inner corner of your eye and under your brow bone.

This look is perfect for summer days spent at the beach or poolside. It’s also great for tropical vacations or themed parties. If you want to take it up a notch, pair Tiki Hut with some other brightly colored shades like hot pink or lime green.

Trust me, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow

If you’re looking for some new eyeshadow to add to your collection, you’ll definitely want to check out Makeup Geek. They have a great selection of colors and finishes, so you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Plus, their prices are very reasonable – especially considering the quality of their products.

I recently picked up a few eyeshadows from Makeup Geek, and I’ve been really impressed with them. The pigmentation is amazing – a little goes a long way. And they blend beautifully.

I’m definitely a fan! If you’re on the hunt for some new eyeshadow, definitely give Makeup Geek a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Makeup Geek Give Me the Dirt

If you’re a fan of makeup, then you’ve probably heard of Makeup Geek. They’re a popular brand that makes high-quality products. But what’s their story?

Makeup Geek was founded in 2008 by Marlena Stell, who is a self-taught makeup artist. She started the company because she wanted to provide affordable, quality makeup products to everyone. And she’s definitely succeeded!

Makeup Geek has become known for their amazing eyeshadows, which come in a huge range of colors and finishes. They also make great blushes, bronzers, and lipsticks. Basically, if you need it, Makeup Geek has got it!

But beyond just making great products, Makeup Geek is also all about education. Their website is full of helpful articles and tutorials that teach you how to use their products (and any other makeup products) to create different looks. They want you to feel confident and empowered when it comes to your makeup routine – and we think they’re succeeding!

Makeup Geek Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise is a beautiful mauve pink with a matte finish. It’s the perfect shade for everyday wear, and it’s also great for creating smoky eyes. This shade is part of the Makeup Geek mattes collection.

Makeup Geek Latte

Welcome to my latest blog post all about the Makeup Geek Latte eyeshadow! This deep brown shade is perfect for creating a smoky eye look and I love how versatile it is. Whether you’re looking for a subtle everyday look or something more dramatic for a night out, this shade can be used to create both.

Here are some of my favourite ways to use the Makeup Geek Latte eyeshadow: To create a simple everyday look, I like to apply the shadow all over the lid and then blend it into the crease. I also like to add a touch of highlight under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye.

For something more dramatic, I like to smoke out the lash line with Latte and then add a pop of colour on the lid. My favourite shades to pair with Latte are purple, green and blue. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found some helpful tips on how to use the Makeup Geek Latte eyeshadow.

Thanks for reading!

Makeup Geek Brick House

Welcome to my blog post about the Makeup Geek Brick House eyeshadow! This gorgeous shade is a must-have for any makeup lover, and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about it. This richly pigmented shadow has a beautiful matte finish that is perfect for creating stunning eye looks.

It can be used to create a smoky eye or used as a transition shade in your crease. The possibilities are endless with this versatile shade! The Makeup Geek Brick House eyeshadow is extremely easy to work with.

It blends effortlessly and can be built up or blended out depending on your desired look. I would recommend using an eyeshadow primer before applying this shadow, as it will help it stay put all day long. If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable eyeshadow that is sure to impress, then look no further than the Makeup Geek Brick House!

Makeup Geek Tiki Hut


What is the Best Way to Apply Tiki Hut

There are a few different ways that you can apply Tiki Hut, depending on what look you are going for. If you want a more natural look, you can simply brush the Tiki Hut onto your skin like you would any other powder. This will give you a light bronzing effect.

If you want a deeper tan, you can mix the Tiki Hut with water to create a paste, and then apply it to your skin like a mask. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off. For an even deeper tan, you can mix the Tiki Hut with olive oil or coconut oil and apply it to your skin in the same way.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to exfoliate your skin first so that the Tiki Hut goes on evenly and doesn’t accentuate any dry patches or blemishes.

What are Some of the Most Popular Uses for Tiki Hut

A tiki hut is a structure made with natural materials like branches, leaves and grass, thatched to create a shelter from the sun and rain. Tiki huts are commonly found in tropical areas like the Caribbean, Hawaii and Polynesia. Tiki huts can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

1) As a beach shelter or cabana 2) As an outdoor dining area or bar 3) As a poolside lounge area

4) As a garden retreat

How Long Does Tiki Hut Last

A tiki hut is a great addition to any backyard. They provide shade and protection from the sun and rain. But how long do they last?

With proper care, a tiki hut can last for many years. The first thing you need to do to prolong the life of your tiki hut is to choose the right location. It should be in an area that gets plenty of sunlight during the day, but is also sheltered from strong winds.

You also need to make sure the ground is level so that water will not pool around the base of the hut. Once you have found the perfect spot, you need to take care of your tiki hut by cleaning it regularly and making repairs as needed. Inspect it regularly for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or holes in the thatching.

If you see any damage, repair it immediately so that it does not get worse. With proper care, your tiki hut can last for many years and provide you with hours of enjoyment.


If you’re looking for a summery, beach-themed eyeshadow look, look no further than Makeup Geek’s Tiki Hut tutorial. This easy-to-follow guide features vibrant, tropical colors that will make you feel like you’re on vacation – even if you’re just hanging out at home. Best of all, the whole look can be created using affordable drugstore makeup products.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your sunscreen and head to the nearest makeup counter!

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