Best Natural Makeup Looks For Prom That Will Wow Your Date [In 2022]

Prom season is almost here, which means many people will look amazing in their prom dresses. Prom is all about showing your best side and looking amazing. You want to be at your best and make the most of this special night, but you also want to make sure that you are caring for your skin.

It’s a big deal for young women to go to prom, but their moms seem to have forgotten how to put make-up on. Prom makeup is different than any other makeup you wear because it needs to last all night. It also needs to look natural, but not like you’re wearing any makeup. This blog will look at the best makeup looks for prom so that you can look great but still take care of your skin.


how to do natural prom makeup

How to do natural prom makeup?

Natural prom makeup is not as difficult as you may think. Natural prom makeup is about highlighting your natural beauty and looking fresh. You also want to make sure you look your best. After all, you are going to the prom and want to feel like a princess. Natural prom makeup is great to do if you have something in your eye, if you have allergies, or if you have a pimple that you are trying to hide. Natural prom makeup is also great if you do not want to wear much makeup. Natural prom makeup is really pretty and requires a little effort. 

You will need to apply a highlighter to your cheekbones and brow bones to get natural prom makeup. Adding depth to a face will make it appear slimmer and brighter. You can either go for a lipstick or a gloss that is not too prominent for the lips. A natural prom makeup should be subtle. If you want to use eyeshadow, apply it to your eyelids only but not all over them. You’ll notice that your eyes appear bigger and brighter. If you want to wear mascara, you can use it to make your lashes look fuller. If you are using mascara, don’t apply black mascara. You can go for brown or a less intense hue.

What makeup should I wear for prom_

What makeup should I wear for prom?

If you have naturally soft lips and skin, you should choose a light shade of lip color. This will give your face a bright and youthful appearance, which you will want. The best lip color for you may be light pink, light red, or even light orange. Make sure that you choose a lip liner that is darker than your natural lip color and fill in your lips with the liner. This will give you a darker lip that is bolder and more formal. It would be best if you also used some eyeliner. It will be great to use black or dark brown, but if you are only trying to add a little bit of color, brown is a better choice.

Most Gorgeous Prom Makeup Looks for The Trend Spotter

Makeup looks for prom night include eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, and blush. You can also use bronzer, highlighter, and foundation to be extra glamorous. Try out different colors and styles depending on what kind of look you’re going for.

Natural Prom Makeup

Natural makeup is a great choice if you want to be comfortable and confident. Your skin looks flawless because there is no heavy makeup, and you won’t need to worry about your eyeshadow smudging or eyeliner coming off. You’ll also look more awake than when you use heavy makeup.

Simple Prom Makeup

This makeup is super cute and youthful and goes with a fun, flirty dress style. You don’t need to overthink it. Start with a matte foundation, add some bronzers, and fill in your brows; next are some peach shadows and matte liquid lipsticks. The final step is curling your lashes and adding lots of mascara. For an extra touch of glamour, add some different feathery falsies.

Prom Makeup for Dark Skin

Dark skin tones are the ideal canvases for the boldest pigmentation. Prom is your time to shine. Ladies with these complexions can go for more editorial-inspired looks without it seeming too much. Try a gold shadow paired with plenty of shimmering colors, adding bronze and brown hues to give dimension. Add a black liner and a vibrant red lip to create a glamorous finish. When choosing foundation, your face will likely be a few shades lighter, so match your chest instead of your jawline.

Smokey Eye Prom Makeup

Smokey eyes are always classic, but try adding some metallic shadow this time. Lilac is a big color trend right now, so use it! Apply the dark shade along the lash line

And an outer third of your eyelid, then apply lighter shades on the inside corners. Add false lashes to enhance the catlike effect. Use soft pink or nude lipstick to make your lips pop.

Gold and Rose Gold Prom Makeup

Rose gold and gold have become very popular trends in the beauty industry. Gold lids complement the golden tones of rose gold perfectly. Blush should be flushed with rosy tones. Matte lipsticks with matching colors will make your lips pop.

Pink Prom Makeup

Pink prom makeup is a favorite, as it’s pretty, feminine, and very versatile. When it comes down to one color, be certain to vary the tones, or it won’t look too flat. Shiny pink highlighter on the inner corners will wake you up, while deeper shades on the outer third make you look glamorous. Darker pink lipstick with a touch of shine will ensure your makeup appears elegant rather than casual.

Asian Prom Makeup

This look is all about balance. Flawless skin and subtle eyes allow lipstick to shine. A Glowy, blemish-free, and dewy complexion allows the standout lip color to stand out. Almond-shaped peepers are enhanced by lining the outer half of the upper lash line with a dark brown pencil, thickening as you get closer to the end. Darker eyeliner in the waterline makes the eye look shorter, leaving the lower lashes alone. Finally, apply a deep berry/wine lip stain for a long-lasting pout that turns heads!

Best Prom Eye Makeup Ideas (1)

Best Prom Eye Makeup Ideas

Here are a few prom eye makeup ideas

Prom Makeup for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are very popular among women today. Makeup artists use orange-bronze colors to enhance this eye color. Salmon pink blush brings out the blue eyes, and brown eyeliner helps to tie the look together.

Prom Makeup for Green Eyes

Green eyes are beautiful and mysterious, and you should use them as much as possible. Use green eyeshadow and blueliner to create an eye-catching look. Please don’t overdo it with mascara because it will draw attention away from your eyes.

Prom Makeup for Brown and Hazel Eyes

Brown eyes are usually considered more attractive than blue ones. This is because brown eyes tend to be bigger and wider than blue ones, and Brown eyes also tend to have lighter colors than blue ones. Black eyeliner on the top and bottom lashes emphasizes the shape of your eyes, and bold eyebrows make you look more attractive.

Prom Makeup for Grey Eyes

Smokey silver eye shadow is super flattering for grey-eyed women. Metallic shades bring out the lighter, pricey hues in grey eyes. Black and dark grey offer a striking contrast effect. Eyeliner and two coats of black mascara highlight your peepers. Grey eyes should be kept simple so as not to detract from the main event.

Prom Makeup for Black Dress

Black dresses are old-school prom choices. Dark eyeliner gives your eyes a catlike edge, and you can change up the angle of the line to make it work better on people with almond-shaped eyes. Your eyebrows should be groomed, and your lips should be painted a deep red.

Prom Makeup for Blue and Navy Dress

Blue eyeshadow is a popular choice for prom because it makes your eyes stand out. You can coordinate your blue dress with blue eye shadow and accessories. Use a matte shade in the crease to make your looks more dimensional. Black-winged eyeliner adds drama to your eyes. Add a matte liquid lipstick in pinky-brown and an ultra shimmery highlight.

Prom Makeup for Pastel Colour Dress

Soft pastels are great for making you look younger. It would be best to use them as a base for your makeup. You should apply them to your cheeks, lips, eyelids, and eyebrows. Your eyes should be highlighted by using a bright shade of lipstick or lipgloss. Peachy blushes are also very popular right now.

Prom Makeup for Green Dress

Emerald Green is a gorgeous color that makes you feel happy and confident. Pair it with dark hair, eyes, and skin tone. Emerald Green dresses are perfect for formal events. It would be best to draw attention away from your face by using strong brows, eyeliner, and nude lipstick.

Prom Makeup for Red Dress

Red lipstick is very popular among girls who want to look beautiful. But if you choose a bright red, you may be mistaken for someone who wants to attract men. You should choose a deep red instead. Your lips should match the color of your dress, and you can also wear black eyeliner and mascara.

Prom Makeup for White and Cream Dress

White and cream dresses will make your skin appear as if it were made out of porcelain. Your makeup should be light and subtle. You shouldn’t wear any heavy eye shadow or eyeliner because it will make you look older than you are. Instead, use a lighter shade of blush to give your face a healthy glow.

Prom Makeup for Purple and Burgundy Dress

You should wear this color combination to match your outfit. Your lips, eyes, and cheeks should be brightened up using a bold color. It would be best to compliment your outfit with a darker shade of lipstick or eye shadow.

Best 7 Natural Makeup Looks For Prom

If you want to look like a celebrity but don’t have the budget for it, you should try out some natural makeup looks for prom. Makeup looks like these will give you the same effect as if you were wearing a lot of makeup, but they’ll also cost less than a regular makeup kit.

Bright Eyes

In order to achieve this look, you need to experiment with colors and techniques and have fun with your eye color. A cream shadow base (such as MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Cream Shadow) goes well with a light pink blush (MAC Lipstick in “Lipstick”). Then top it off with mascara and dark brown eyeliner (MAC Eyeliner Pencil in “Blackout”).

Subtle Smoky Eyes

This look is all about smudging out any harsh lines around your eyes using a fluffy brush. Start by applying a light brown eye shadow along the lower lash line. Then take a soft brush and apply black mascara from the inner corner of each eye towards the outer corners. Next, take a small amount of white eyeliner pencil and draw a thin line under your bottom lashes. Finally, add some false lashes to give your eyes a fuller appearance.

Shiny Blush

The best way to achieve this look is by using a matte blush. Apply it all over your cheeks, blending outwards towards the temples. Then apply a light bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards to highlight them. For a finishing touch, add some highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones.

Bronze Glow

The bronze glow looks perfect if you want to highlight your cheekbones without thinking you’ve just stepped out of a tanning booth. It’s easy to achieve because it’s all about highlighting your high points. Start by applying bronzer along your cheekbone (the area between your nose and jawline), then sweep it towards your chin. Next, apply bronzing powder along your forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Finally, dust some translucent powder along your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline.

Smokey Pastel

The smokey pastel look is one of the most popular trends this season. It’s a great way to add color to your face without going overboard. Try using a bronzer brush to apply the color to your cheeks and blend it outwards towards the temples.

Dramatic Purple Smokey Eye

This look is all about the eyes. The smokey eye is one of the most popular trends right now, and it’s simple and easy to achieve. Apply some black eyeliner along the top lash line, then smudge it outwards using a fluffy brush. Next, fill in the outer corners of the eye with purple shadow. To finish the look, add mascara and a few coats of mascara.

Tan Skin with a Bold Lip

Try this easy summer beauty trick if you want to look like you just stepped off the beach:

  1. Use a light layer of foundation all over your face.
  2. Using a small concealer brush, cover any blemishes and dark spots.
  3. Apply a medium-sized blush brush to your cheeks and blend out any color.
  4. Use a sheer lip gloss to your lips and let it dry before applying a darker shade.

Here’s the secret to long-lasting prom makeup?

The key to a long-lasting prom makeup look is to prep your skin with a moisturizing and hydrating makeup base. You should then apply a makeup blush or bronzer to the skin to give off that healthy glow. It would be best to use darker lip color to define your lips, but make sure you go in with a lighter shade of lipgloss to keep that healthy finish.


Makeup that fits your skin tone and your outfit. Tone it down with a more neutral look, or go bold and glamorous. Remember that you’re young, so embrace your naturally glowing skin!

How do beginners do prom makeup?

A good primer, concealer, foundation, blush, eye makeup, brow pencil, smudge-proof mascara, and finishing spray are good. Try to use a few colors to create a natural look. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

What is the time involved in making prom makeup?

Makeup takes a long time. I’m going to take my time and make sure everything looks perfect.

My makeup doesn’t stay on. What’s wrong?

There are many reasons why makeup does not stay on your face, but it often results from a combination of factors. Most importantly, if your skin is dry, has fine lines, creases, or is textured, it will not hold onto makeup. Here are some tips to help you apply your makeup and have it stay put all day.


We hope that you enjoyed these makeup looks for prom! Prom season is a wonderful time for students in high school, and it can be even more wonderful when you feel confident and comfortable with your look. Whether you’re a ‘prom queen’ or a ‘prom princess,’ you can use these makeup tips and techniques to get the perfect prom look! Please stay tuned for more prom makeup tips and product reviews, and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss anything!

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