What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is an improvement on the old-fashioned "lash perm." Contrary to the many rods used in earlier times new specially made silicone pads lift the lashes from the root just, creating a subtle, natural appearing lift, providing the illusion of length. And making the eyes look more receptive.

The process of getting a lash lift

The process of getting a lash lift

Within my appointment in Miss Fox, my therapist picked the silicone pad she believed I had and then utilized a perming way to lift my lashes. It did not hurt at all, but a few individuals will feel a slight tingling out of the adhesive. The whole procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, and it was very relaxing.

The results

The curl of my lashes seems very natural, and I have been getting plenty of compliments. I'd certainly suggest do it if you feel as if extensions are too complete on an alternative for you.

The results

Two days after I returned to my lash tint and this procedure only takes approximately 20 minutes. Protective pads have been put round the eye to prevent coloring my skin shut my eyes, and a wealthy blue-black dye is employed to my upper and lower lashes. 

I Got A Lash Lift For The First Time


It stays for 10 minutes with zero distress, and after that, it is wiped off. Voila! Dark curled lashes which I would be delighted to leave home with!

It has been a week, and my lashes look fantastic. It seems like I am wearing a mild and organic coating of mascara constantly and it has undoubtedly made my routine a bit faster! 

I genuinely love not needing to use a lash curler and come to think about it. This elevator makes my lashes look more also.

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