What is the Prince’S Name in Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is one of the most popular fairy tales of all time. The story tells the tale of a beautiful princess who is put into a deep sleep by an evil witch. A brave prince comes to her rescue and wakes her with a kiss.

But what is the prince’s name in Sleeping Beauty? There are actually two different versions of Sleeping Beauty, and in each one the prince has a different name. In the original version of the story, written by Charles Perrault, the prince’s name is Dornröschen.

This version was first published in 1697. However, in the more popular version of the story, written by the Brothers Grimm, the prince’s name is Siegfried.

An Unusual Prince/Once Upon a Dream (From "Sleeping Beauty")

Assuming you are referring to the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty, the Prince’s name is Philip.

Sleeping Beauty Name

Sleeping Beauty is one of the most popular fairy tales of all time. The story tells of a beautiful princess who is cursed by an evil witch and falls asleep for one hundred years. When she is finally awakened by a handsome prince, they live happily ever after.

The original version of Sleeping Beauty was written by Charles Perrault in 1697. It was called La Belle au bois dormant, or The Beauty asleep in the wood. In the story, the princess’s name was Aurora.

The Brothers Grimm included a different version of Sleeping Beauty in their 1812 collection of fairy tales. In this version, the princess’s name was Briar Rose. Disney’s animated film Sleeping Beauty was released in 1959 and told Aurora’s story.

In this movie, Aurora is cursed by the wicked fairy Maleficent and falls into a deep sleep on her sixteenth birthday. She can only be awakened by true love’s kiss. Prince Phillip defeats Maleficent and awakens Aurora with a kiss, and they live happily ever after.

Sleeping Beauty Prince

The Sleeping Beauty Prince is a fairytale character who appears in the story of “Sleeping Beauty”. In the original story, the prince is not given a name and he is simply known as “the prince”. He is the son of King Hubert and Queen Aurora.

The prince has two brothers named Henry and William. In the original story, it is said that the prince was betrothed to Princess Aurora from birth. However, when she was cursed by Maleficent, he was forced to marry another woman named Leah.

It wasn’t until many years later that he finally met Princess Aurora again and realized that she was his true love. The Sleeping Beauty Prince plays a very important role in Disney’s film adaptation of “Sleeping Beauty”. In this version of the story, he is given the name Phillip and he is voiced by actor Bill Shirley.

Phillip falls in love with Princess Aurora at first sight and he works hard to try to break Maleficent’s spell on her. Overall, the Sleeping Beauty Prince is a romantic character who embodies the perfect notion of true love conquering all. He remains one of Disney’s most popular princes and continues to be a fan-favorite character!

Snow White Prince Name

In the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Snow White is given the name “Schneewittchen” which means “little snow white”. However, in Disney’s 1937 film adaptation of the story, she is instead given the more English sounding name “Snow White”. The Prince in both versions of the story is never actually given a specific name, but he does have several nicknames including “Prince Charming”, “The Fairest of Them All”, and simply “The Prince”.

Princess Aurora Story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Aurora. She lived in a faraway kingdom with her loving parents, King Stefan and Queen Leah. Unfortunately, when Aurora was just a baby, her parents were killed by an evil queen named Maleficent.

As punishment, Maleficent cursed Aurora to die on her 16th birthday. Aurora’s three Fairy Godmothers did their best to protect the princess from harm, but on the day of her 16th birthday, Aurora pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and fell into a deep sleep. A handsome prince named Phillip found Aurora and kissed her, breaking the curse.

The two lovers woke up and lived happily ever after. The story of Princess Aurora is one of the most beloved fairy tales of all time. It teaches us that even in the darkest of times, love can prevail.

Sleeping Beauty Characters Fairies

The Sleeping Beauty Characters Fairies are some of the most iconic characters in all of Disney lore. They are also some of the most beloved, as they have been enchanting children and adults alike for generations. There are three fairies in total- Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

Each fairy has her own unique personality and powers. Flora is the eldest of the three fairies, and she is known for being kind and wise. She is also very nurturing, always looking out for others.

Her magic abilities focus on nature and healing. For example, she can make flowers bloom or help people feel better when they are sick. Fauna is the middle fairy, and she is more mischievous than her sisters.

She loves to play pranks and enjoys causing a little bit of trouble. However, she always means well at heart. Her magic revolves around animals, allowing her to communicate with them or even transform into one if necessary.

Merryweather is the youngest fairy, but don’t let that fool you- she’s just as powerful as her sisters! She has a fiery temper but is fiercely loyal to those she cares about. Her magic generally focuses on creating illusions or manipulating objects.

What is the Prince'S Name in Sleeping Beauty

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What is the Beast’S Name in Sleeping Beauty?

The beast’s name in Sleeping Beauty is never actually mentioned in the film. However, fans have come up with a few possible names for the character over the years. Some popular choices include Bruno, Beast, or even simply The Beast.

While we may never know his true name, there’s no denying that this furry friend is one of the most iconic Disney characters of all time.

Why Does Sleeping Beauty Have Three Names?

Sleeping Beauty has three names because she was given the gifts of beauty, song, and dance by three different fairies. The first fairy gave her the gift of beauty, the second fairy gave her the gift of song, and the third fairy gave her the gift of dance.

What is Prince Charming Real Name in Sleeping Beauty?

Prince Charming’s real name in Sleeping Beauty is Phillip. He is the prince who wakes Aurora from her sleep with true love’s kiss. Phillip is a brave and handsome prince who is devoted to Aurora.

He risks his life to save her from Maleficent’s evil curse. Phillip is a kind and gentle prince who loves Aurora with all of his heart.

Why Does Sleeping Beauty Have Two Names?

Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale that has been retold many times. The original story was written by Charles Perrault and published in 1697. In the story, a princess is cursed by an evil fairy to sleep for 100 years.

A prince finds her and wakes her with a kiss. The story was later adapted by the Brothers Grimm and published in 1812. In their version, the princess is named Briar Rose.

There are several possible explanations for why Sleeping Beauty has two names. One theory is that Perrault used the name Sleeping Beauty because it sounded more romantic than Briar Rose. Another theory is that Perrault wanted to distinguish his version of the story from the Grimm brothers’ version.

It’s also possible that Perrault simply liked the name Sleeping Beauty better than Briar Rose. Whatever the reason, Sleeping Beauty is one of the most popular fairy tales of all time, and she will likely continue to be known by both names for centuries to come.


The prince in Sleeping Beauty is named Phillip. In the original Grimm version of the story, he is named Dornröschen.

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