What is the Princes Name in Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Aurora. She was cursed by an evil witch to sleep for one hundred years. A handsome prince came and woke her with a true love’s kiss.

They lived happily ever after. The prince’s name was Phillip.

What is Princess Sleeping Beauty's Real Name? Aurora, Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty? (short)

The Prince in Sleeping Beauty is named Phillip. He is the son of King Hubert and Queen Leah. Phillip falls in love with Princess Aurora at first sight and eventually breaks the spell that was put on her by Maleficent.

Snow White Prince Name

There are many different Snow White Prince names out there, but which one is the real name of the Disney character? According to some sources, his name is simply “Prince”. However, others say that his name is actually “Florian”.

So, which is it? The answer may lie in the fact that there are two different versions of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The original 1937 movie named him “Prince Florian” in the credits.

However, when the movie was re-released in 1959, his name was changed to just “Prince”. So, it seems likely that Disney decided to change his name at some point between those two releases. Interestingly enough, even though Disney changed his on-screen name, they never officially changed his name in any of their merchandise or other materials.

So technically speaking, both “Prince” and “Prince Florian” are still considered to be his official names! So there you have it – the mystery of the Snow White Prince’s name has finally been solved! Whether you call him “Prince” or “Prince Florian”, he will always be remembered as the charming prince who saved Snow White from her evil stepmother.

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Friends

Aurora is a kind and gentle princess who loves nature and animals. She is best friends with Briar Rose, also known as Sleeping Beauty. The two girls are always there for each other when they need it the most.

Aurora is always ready to lend a helping hand, whether it’s picking flowers or rescuing animals. Even though she sometimes gets into trouble, her heart is always in the right place.

Sleeping Beauty Prince

The Sleeping Beauty Prince is a character from the classic fairytale, Sleeping Beauty. In the story, the prince is the one who awakens Princess Aurora from her curse of eternal sleep with a true love’s kiss. The prince is handsome and brave, and he instantly falls in love with Aurora when he sees her.

He risks his life to save her, and eventually they live happily ever after together.

Sleeping Beauty Characters

The story of Sleeping Beauty is one that has been told many times. It is a story of a beautiful princess who is cursed to sleep for 100 years. The curse is broken by the prince who wakes her with a kiss.

The characters in this story are memorable and have been brought to life by many different actors and actresses over the years. The first character we will talk about is Princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty. She is the main character of the story and she is the one who falls under the spell of the wicked fairy, Maleficent.

Aurora is played by Elle Fanning in Disney’s live action film “Sleeping Beauty”. She is a beautiful young woman who has everything going for her until she falls asleep on her 16th birthday after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel needle. When she wakes up, she finds that 100 years have passed and everyone she knows is gone.

But luckily, Prince Phillip (played by Sam Riley) was also put under a sleeping spell at the same time as Aurora and he awakens her with true love’s kiss. They live happily ever after together. Next, we have Maleficent (played by Angelina Jolie).

She is the villain of the story and puts the sleeping curse on Aurora because she was not invited to her christening ceremony. Maleficent is a powerful sorceress with dark magic at her disposal. She turns into a dragon in order to kill Philip but he defeats her using his sword which had been blessed by three good fairies earlier in the film.

In Disney’s animated movie “Sleeping Beauty”, Maleficent was voiced by Eleanor Audley who also did voice work for Cinderella’s wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine . Last but not least, we have Prince Phillip (played by Brenton Thwaites). He appears in Disney’s live action film “Sleeping Beauty” as well as its animated predecessor from 1959 .

He breaks Aurora out of Maleficent’s sleeping curse with true love’s kiss but ends up getting captured himself shortly thereafter . However , he uses his wits and bravery to defeat Maleficent and save both himself and Aurora .

How Old is the Prince in Sleeping Beauty

How Old is the Prince in Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty is a timeless fairytale that has been retold countless times. In most versions of the story, the heroine falls asleep for 100 years before being awakened by true love’s kiss.

But how old is the prince when he finally finds Sleeping Beauty? The original story, written by Charles Perrault, does not give an age for the prince. He is simply described as “young and handsome.”

In Disney’s 1959 animated film, Sleeping Beauty, the prince is shown to be a young man in his early twenties. However, in some later adaptations of the story, such as Disney’s live-action film Maleficent (2014), the prince is portrayed as being much older – around thirty or forty years old. So how old is the prince supposed to be?

It seems that there is no definitive answer. Perhaps it depends on who is telling the story. After all, Sleeping Beauty herself was only sixteen years old when she fell asleep!

What is the Princes Name in Sleeping Beauty

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What is the Beast’S Name in Sleeping Beauty?

The beast’s name in Sleeping Beauty is never actually revealed in the film. However, he is commonly referred to as the “Prince” or the “Beast.”

What is the Name of Snow White’S Prince?

The name of Snow White’s prince is Prince Charming. He is the one who rescues her from the evil queen and they live happily ever after.

What are the Character Names in Sleeping Beauty?

The character names in Sleeping Beauty are as follows: Princess Aurora – The protagonist of the story. She is cursed by an evil fairy to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep, from which she can only be awakened by true love’s kiss.

Prince Phillip – Aurora’s prince charming. He fights against Maleficent and defeats her, breaking the curse and waking Aurora from her sleep. Maleficent – The villain of the story.

She is a powerful sorcerer who places a curse on Princess Aurora. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather – Three good fairies who try to protect Aurora from harm and ultimately succeed in doing so.

Why Does Sleeping Beauty Have Two Names?

Sleeping Beauty has two names because she was born into a noble family and her parents wanted to give her a strong name. They named her Aurora after the Roman goddess of the dawn and chose the name Sleeping Beauty because they wanted her to be beautiful and perfect.


The Princess’s name in Sleeping Beauty is Aurora. In the original fairy tale, she is born to King Stefan and Queen Leah. She is betrothed to Prince Phillip, but before they can marry, she is cursed by the evil witch Maleficent.

Aurora falls into a deep sleep and can only be awakened by true love’s kiss.

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