What’S the Candles Name in Beauty And the Beast

What’s the Candles Name in Beauty and the Beast? is a question that many people have. The answer is actually quite simple.

The candles name in Beauty and the Beast is Lumiere. This should come as no surprise, as Lumiere is French for light. What may be surprising to some, however, is that Lumiere is not just the name of the candles in Beauty and the Beast, but he is also a character in the film.

If you’re a fan of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, then you know that the candles in the film play a big role in the story. But what are their names? According to Disney historian Jim Korkis, the candles in Beauty and the Beast are named after their respective roles in the film.

The red candle is named Cogsworth, after the clock who is transformed into a candelabra in the film. The blue candle is named Lumiere, after the candelabra who is transformed into a living creature. And finally, the yellow candle is named Mrs. Potts, after Chip’s mother who is also transformed into an object in the film.

So there you have it! The next time you watch Beauty and the Beast, be sure to keep an eye out for these special candles.

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What are the Names of the Objects in Beauty And the Beast?

The objects in Beauty and the Beast are: – The Enchanted Rose: This is the rose that was cursed by the Enchantress. It has a limited lifespan, and when it eventually dies, so will the Beast.

– The Magic Mirror: This mirror shows whoever looks into it their deepest desires. The Beast uses it to look at Belle. – The Candelabra: A candelabra that comes to life and acts as the Beast’s servant.

He is very loyal to the Beast and helps him try to win Belle’s heart. – The Clock: A large clock that also comes to life. He is always worried about time running out and is very impatient.

What is the Teapots Name in Beauty And the Beast?

The teapot’s name in Beauty and the Beast is Mrs. Potts.

Who is the Candle And Clock in Beauty And the Beast?

The candle and clock in Beauty and the Beast are two of the many magical objects in the film. The candle, named Lumiere, is a talking candlestick who is one of the Beast’s servants. The clock, named Cogsworth, is a talking clock who is also one of the Beast’s servants.

Both Lumiere and Cogsworth have been turned into their respective objects by the Enchantress as punishment for not showing her kindness. In spite of this, they both remain loyal to the Beast and help him try to win Belle’s love.

What is the Name of the Clock in Beauty And the Beast

The clock in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is known as Cogsworth. He is an enchanted object who has been turned into a clock. In the film, he is voiced by David Ogden Stiers.

Beauty And the Beast Cast

The highly anticipated live action re-telling of Disney’s animated classic, Beauty and the Beast, has finally arrived in theaters. The film features an all-star cast including Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Kevin Kline as Maurice, Josh Gad as LeFou, Ewan McGregor as Lumière, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts and many more. This version of Beauty and the Beast stays true to the original story while also expanding on it.

We learn more about the backstories of both Belle and the Beast/Prince Adam. The film also features new songs written by Alan Menken with lyrics by Tim Rice. The sets and costumes are absolutely gorgeous and really transport you into this magical world.

And the CGI is used sparingly and only when necessary – unlike some other recent live action re-imaginings of Disney classics (cough*Alice in Wonderland*cough). Overall, I loved Beauty and the Beast. It’s a beautiful love story that is perfect for all ages.

If you’re a fan of the original animated film or if you just enjoy a good fairytale romance, then I highly recommend checking out this new live action version.

Lumiere from Beauty And the Beast

Lumiere is the loveable, yet mischievous candelabra from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. He is voiced by Robby Benson in the original film and by Jerry Orbach in its sequels. Lumiere has a French accent and loves to sing and dance.

He is one of the first characters to welcome Belle into the Beast’s castle. Lumiere is always looking for ways to have fun and often gets himself into trouble. Despite this, he is a loyal friend to both Belle and the Beast.

When Belle is imprisoned in the castle, Lumiere does everything he can to help her escape. He even risks his own life to save hers when she is trapped by Gaston’s men. In the end, Lumiere helps break the spell that has been placed on the castle and its inhabitants.

He remains friends with Belle and the Beast after they are transformed back into humans. Lumiere continues to be a popular character among Disney fans of all ages.


The candles in Beauty and the Beast are named after the five main characters: Belle, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip. Each candle is scented with a different fragrance that represents the character’s personality. For example, Belle’s candle is scented with roses to represent her love of nature, while Lumiere’s candle is scented with citrus to represent his upbeat personality.

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