Where Does Sleeping Beauty Take Place

Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairytale that has been retold many times. But where does the story actually take place? The original story was written by Charles Perrault and was set in France.

However, the Disney version of the story is set in Germany. So, where does Sleeping Beauty take place?

Sleeping Beauty is a beautiful story that takes place in a magnificent castle. The entire story is set in the castle, which is full of wonderful rooms and secret passages. Even though the story takes place long ago, the castle still looks like it did when it was first built.

It’s an amazing place to visit and explore.

Where Does Snow White Take Place

Most people know the story of Snow White, but many don’t know where it actually takes place. The original story, written by the Brothers Grimm, is set in Germany. However, the 1937 Disney movie adaptation is set in a fictional kingdom called Dorian.

Dorian is a picturesque land that looks like it was pulled straight out of a fairy tale. The castle sits atop a hill and overlooks a beautiful forest filled with singing birds and friendly animals. It’s no wonder that Snow White chooses to take refuge here after she is chased out of her home by her evil stepmother!

Although Dorian isn’t a real place, it’s easy to see why Disney chose it as the setting for their movie. It’s the perfect place for a fairytale princess like Snow White to live happily ever after.

Where Does Sleeping Beauty Take Place

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Is Sleeping Beauty Set in Germany Or France?

There is some debate over whether Sleeping Beauty is set in Germany or France. The majority of evidence seems to point to France, but there are a few clues that suggest it could be Germany. The first clue that suggests Sleeping Beauty is set in France is the fact that all of the characters have French names.

Aurora, Phillip, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are all typically French names. Additionally, the film’s production designer, Eyvind Earle, said that he based the film’s design on 15th century French castles. However, there are a few things that suggest Sleeping Beauty could be set in Germany instead.

Firstly, the coat of arms on Aurora’s tapestry contains a lion and a unicorn – which are both symbols of Germany. Additionally, when Maleficent curses Aurora she says “From this day forward the princess shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die!”. In German folklore it is actually common for cursed princesses to prick their fingers on needles rather than spinning wheels.

So ultimately it is difficult to say for sure where Sleeping Beauty is meant to be set. However, the evidence seems to point more towards France than Germany.

Is Sleeping Beauty Based in Germany?

Yes, Sleeping Beauty is based in Germany. The original story was written by the Brothers Grimm, who were from Germany. In the story, Sleeping Beauty is a princess who is cursed by an evil queen and falls asleep for 100 years.

A prince eventually wakes her up with a kiss and they live happily ever after.

Does Sleeping Beauty Take Place in England?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the Sleeping Beauty story has been adapted numerous times over the years, with different locations being used depending on the version. However, it is generally accepted that the original story, which was first published in 1697 by Charles Perrault, takes place in France. Subsequent adaptations have also typically been set in France, although there have been some notable exceptions.

For example, Disney’s 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty is set in a fictional kingdom called “Merryweather”, while 2014’s live-action retelling Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie is set entirely within a fictional land.

What Time Period is Sleeping Beauty Set In?

The original Sleeping Beauty story was written by Charles Perrault in the 17th century, and set in that time period. However, the most popular version of the story – the one adapted by Disney – is set in Medieval times. This is evident from the castle setting and the costumes worn by the characters.

When & Where Does Disney's Sleeping Beauty Take Place?


Sleeping Beauty is a fairytale that has been told for centuries. The tale takes place in a time when magic was still commonplace and follows the story of Princess Aurora, who is cursed to sleep for one hundred years by an evil fairy. Thankfully, a good fairy is able to reverse the curse so that instead of dying, Aurora will only fall asleep.

When she finally wakes up, she finds herself in a strange new world where her true love, Prince Phillip, must fight to save her from the clutches of Maleficent, the evil fairy who cursed her.

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