Who is Steffy’S Mother on Bold And Beautiful

Steffy Forrester is a character on the Bold and Beautiful soap opera. She is the daughter of Ridge and Taylor Forrester. Her mother, Taylor, was killed in a car accident when Steffy was young.

Ridge remarried Brooke Logan, and Steffy has two half-sisters, Hope Logan and Felicity Forrester.

Steffy Forrester is a character on the American soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. She is currently portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. But who is Steffy’s mother?

Her mother is Taylor Hayes, played by Hunter Tylo. Taylor was originally introduced as a fashion model and later became a successful businesswoman. She has been married several times and has had many relationships.

Taylor was first married to Brock Reynolds, with whom she had her son Thomas. But their marriage was cut short when Brock died in a plane crash. Taylor then married Ridge Forrester, one of the founders of Forrester Creations, and they had two children together – Steffy and Phoebe.

But their marriage also ended in tragedy when Ridge was presumed dead after being caught in a fire at Forrester Creations. Taylor later remarried Whip Jones but their marriage didn’t last long. And she also had an affair with Nick Marone, which caused quite a stir in the fashion world!

So there you have it – Steffy’s mother is none other than Taylor Hayes!

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Jacqueline Macinnes Wood Husband

Jacqueline Macinnes Wood is a Canadian actress. She is known for her role as Steffy Forrester on the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Wood was born in Windsor, Ontario.

She has three older siblings. When she was four years old, her family moved to Toronto. She began acting at the age of seven when she appeared in a local production of The Wizard of Oz.

Wood’s first professional acting role was in the television series Flashpoint. She has also appeared in episodes of Murdoch Mysteries and Warehouse 13. In 2010, Wood began appearing as Steffy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.

In 2012, she won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for her work on the show. Wood married actor Dane Witherspoon in 2004. They have one son together, Jack Witherspoon-Macinnes Wood, who was born in 2008.

Who is Steffy'S Mother on Bold And Beautiful

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Who is Steffy’S New Mom on Bold And Beautiful?

Steffy’s new mom on Bold and Beautiful is Hope Logan. Hope is Steffy’s biological mother, but she was raised by her adoptive parents, Ridge and Taylor. Hope is a kind and loving person, and she has always been there for her daughter.

She is also a very successful businesswoman, and she has her own company, Logan Designs. Hope is married to Liam Spencer, and they have two children together, Wyatt and Caroline.

Who is Steffy’S And Thomas Mother on Bold?

Steffy’s and Thomas’ mother on The Bold and the Beautiful is Hope Logan. She is the daughter of Deacon Sharpe and Brooke Logan, and she has been a central character on the show since her debut in 2002. Hope is currently married to Liam Spencer, and she has two children with him – Steffy and Kelly.

Hope has also been involved with other men over the years, including Ridge Forrester and Wyatt Spencer.

Is Steffy Forrester a Twin?

No, Steffy Forrester is not a twin. She is the daughter of Ridge and Taylor Forrester and has an older sister named Phoebe. Although she was briefly engaged to Liam Spencer, she is currently single.

Who is Steffy’S Sister Phoebe?

Phoebe is Steffy’s younger sister and a central character on The Bold and the Beautiful. She is portrayed by Isabella de Armas. Phoebe was born on-screen in March 2020, her parents being Hope Logan and Liam Spencer.

Phoebe was conceived via IVF using Hope’s egg and Liam’s sperm. At first, due to a mix up at the fertility clinic, it was believed that Wyatt Spencer was Phoebe’s biological father but this was later revealed to be untrue. As a baby, Phoebe spent time living in Paris with her mother and grandfather Thorne Forrester while her father remained in Los Angeles.

However, after Hope realised she needed help raising Phoebe, she decided to bring her back home to LA where Liam could be more involved in her life. Phoebe has an older half-sister named Kelly Spencer (played by Zoe Buckingham) from Liam’s previous marriage to Quinn Fuller. Although they have different mothers, the two girls are very close and consider each other sisters rather than half-sisters.

Since coming onto the show as a baby, Phoebe has been played by several different actresses including River Davidson, Colette Graye and Isabella de Armas who currently portrays her.


Steffy Forrester is a character on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. She is the daughter of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes. Steffy was born on-screen in May 1996.

In January 2013, actor Scott Clifton took over the role of Steffy. Steffy’s mother is Taylor Hayes. She was originally played by Hunter Tylo from 1990 to 2002, with several short absences in between.

When Tylo left the show again in 2009, her final scenes aired in March 2010. In October 2011, it was announced that actress Annika Noelle had been cast in the role of Steffy; she first appeared on-screen as an adult in November 2011. However, after less than a year in the role, Noelle was let go and the character was rapidly aged to a teenager once again; Clifton took over the role shortly thereafter.

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