Who Played Beast in Beauty And the Beast

The live action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast features Dan Stevens as the furry, growling Beast. The British actor is best known for his starring role on Downton Abbey, where he played Matthew Crawley, heir to Lord Grantham. Stevens was born in Croydon, Surrey, England and attended Tonbridge School before training at the National Youth Theatre in London.

He then studied English Literature at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. After graduation he worked in various television roles including The Missing and Sense & Sensibility before landing his breakout role on Downton Abbey.

There have been many actors who have played the Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Some of the most notable include Robby Benson, who was the voice of the Beast in the original animated movie, and Dan Stevens, who played the Beast in the live-action remake. Benson did an amazing job of conveying all of the Beast’s emotions, from anger to sadness to love.

He helped make the character lovable and relatable, despite his scary appearance. Stevens also did a great job with the role. He brought a new level of depth to the character and made him even more sympathetic than before.

Whichever actor you think did the best job as Beast, there’s no denying that they are all incredibly talented and helped bring this beloved character to life.

Who Played Beast in Beauty And the Beast

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Who Plays the Beast in the New Beauty And the Beast?

The Beast is played by Dan Stevens. He is a British actor who is best known for his role in Downton Abbey.

What is the Beast’S Actual Name?

The Beast’s actual name is Adam. He was given this name by his creator, Dr. Frankenstein. Frankenstein created the Beast as a way to bring his wife back from the dead.

The problem was that he used parts of different animals to create the Beast, so he ended up with a creature that looked more like a monster than a human being. Adam was rejected by everyone who saw him, including his own creator. Frankenstein eventually abandoned him in the woods, where he lived for many years alone and miserable.

It wasn’t until he met Belle that Adam finally had someone who accepted him for who he was. Belle saw past Adam’s appearance and loved him for the kind-hearted person he was inside. While Adam is technically the Beast’s real name, most people still refer to him as the Beast out of habit.

Even Belle started calling him that after they fell in love. It’s a reminder of how far Adam has come since those early days when he was first created; from being an object of fear to becoming an beloved icon in Disney history.

Who Played the Beast?

There have been many actors who have played the Beast in various stage and screen adaptations of Beauty and the Beast. Some of the more notable ones include: Ron Perlman in the 1987 TV series

Robert Carlyle in the 2001 TV series Dan Stevens in the 2017 live-action film Each actor brings their own unique take to the role, making it their own.

No matter who is playing the Beast, they are sure to bring a sense of magic and wonder to the character that will leave audiences spellbound.

Did Dan Stevens Play the Beast?

Yes, Dan Stevens played the Beast in Disney’s 2017 live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Prior to taking on the role of the Beast, Stevens was best known for his work on Downton Abbey.

Dan Stevens Without CGI In Beauty And The Beast Footage Is Something You Can't Unsee

Beauty And the Beast Cast 1994

The Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast, was released in 1994. The film starred Paige O’Hara as Belle, Robby Benson as the Beast, Richard White as Gaston, Jerry Orbach as Lumiere, David Ogden Stiers as Cogsworth, and Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts. Beauty and the Beast is based on a French fairy tale of the same name by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

In the story, Belle is a young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look past the Beast’s appearance. Eventually, she falls in love with him and he breaks the spell that turned him into a monster.

The film was a critical and commercial success. It received five Academy Award nominations including Best Picture and won two for Best Original Score and Best Original Song (for “Beauty and the Beast”). Beauty and the Beast remains one of Disney’s most beloved films thanks to its timeless story, iconic music, and lovable characters.


Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2017. The original animated film was released in 1991 and was a huge success, becoming the first animated movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. The live-action remake will feature some familiar faces, including Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast.

However, there are also some new faces in the cast, including Luke Evans as Gaston and Josh Gad as LeFou. One face that fans are wondering about is who will play Beast. In the original animation, Beast was voiced by Robby Benson.

For the live-action remake, Disney has cast actor and singer Adam Mitchell to play Beast. Mitchell is best known for his role on the popular UK soap opera Emmerdale. He has also appeared in stage productions of Les Miserables and Wicked.

While we don’t know too much about his take on Beast just yet, we’re sure he’ll do an amazing job!

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