Who Played Nick on Bold And Beautiful

Nick was a character on the Bold and Beautiful, played by actor Jack Wagner. The character was introduced in 1999 and appeared on the show until 2006. He was originally intended to be a short-term love interest for Brooke Logan, but the audience responded so well to the chemistry between Wagner and Katherine Kelly Lang that producers decided to keep Nick around for longer.

Who Played Nick on Bold And Beautiful? The actor who played the role of Nick on The Bold and the Beautiful from 2013 to 2016 was Aaron D. Spears. He first appeared in the show in May 2013, and his final episode aired in December 2016.

During his time on the show, he was involved in many storylines, including a romance with Maya Avant (Karla Mosley).

Who Played Nick on Bold And Beautiful

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What Happened to the Character Nick on Bold And Beautiful?

When it comes to the character of Nick on The Bold and the Beautiful, fans have been wondering what happened to him ever since he was last seen on screen in early 2018. There have been a few theories floating around, but no one really knows for sure. However, there are a few things that we do know.

For starters, it is known that actor Jack Wagner (who played Nick) left the show in early 2018 after his contract expired. He had reportedly been asked to take a pay cut, and he refused. So, it seems likely that Wagner simply chose not to renew his contract with the show.

As for Nick’s actual fate on The Bold and the Beautiful, that is still up in the air. His last appearance on the show was in early 2018, but he was never actually killed off or written out of the show. This has led some to believe thatNick may still be alive and could return at some point down the road.

Only time will tell what happened to Nick on The Bold and the Beautiful and if we will ever see him again!

What Happened to Jack And Taylors Baby on Bold And Beautiful?

On the Bold and the Beautiful, Jack and Taylor’s baby was stillborn. This was a devastating blow to the couple, who had been trying to conceive for years. The baby’s death wasn’t the only tragedy that befell the family though; shortly thereafter, their young daughter Hope died of sudden infant death syndrome.

Who was Nick Married to on Bold And Beautiful?

Nick was married to Bridget Forrester on Bold and Beautiful. They had two children together, Hope and Steffy. The marriage ended when Nick had an affair with his ex-wife, Taylor.

Is Nick Coming Back to Bold And the Beautiful?

There is no definitive answer to this question as of yet. Nick (played by Jack Wagner) left Bold and the Beautiful in May 2018, with his last appearance being aired in early June 2018. There has been no word from either the actor or the show’s producers regarding a possible return.

However, given that Nick is such a popular character with fans, it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that he could make a comeback at some point down the line. Stay tuned for more updates!

Everything About Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) From Bold and the Beautiful

Where is Jack Marone Now

If you were a fan of the 90s sitcom Married… with Children, then you probably remember Jack Marone – the lovable but ditzy next door neighbor of the Bundy family. played by actor David Garrison. So whatever happened to Jack Marone?

Well, after Married… with Children ended in 1997, David Garrison took a break from acting for several years. In 2006, he made a comeback when he landed a role in the Broadway play The Odd Couple alongside Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. He also had a recurring role on the popular TV show Weeds from 2007 to 2012.

More recently, Garrison has been appearing on episodes of Hot in Cleveland and 2 Broke Girls. He also has two movies coming out later this year – Times Square Angel and A Stand Up Guy. So it looks like Jack Marone is still keeping busy!

It’s great to see that David Garrison is still working steadily in Hollywood after all these years.


Who Played Nick on Bold and Beautiful? Nick was originally played by Jack Wagner from 1987 until 1988. In 1999, the role was recast with Jeff Trachta.

Trachta left the show in 2003 and was replaced by Thorsten Kaye, who played Nick until 2006. The role was then vacant for several years until it was recast with Lawrence Saint-Victor in 2012.

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