Why did a2 cut her hair?

The decision to cut one’s hair often holds profound significance, reflecting a transformative journey or a pivotal moment in one’s life. In the case of A2, the reasons behind her choice to embrace a new hairstyle become a narrative thread intertwined with personal growth, change, or perhaps even symbolic renewal. Hair has long been a symbol of identity and expression. When a character like A2 undergoes such a visible alteration, it sparks curiosity and invites exploration into the motivations behind this decision.

As we delve into the question, “Why did A2 cut her hair?” we embark on a journey that goes beyond the physical act. This inquiry unravels layers of character development, emotions, and the intricate storytelling nuances that weave into the fabric of her identity. The answer to this question may unveil not just a change in appearance but also provide insight into the evolving nature of A2’s storyline, offering viewers a deeper understanding of her character and the narrative twists that unfold.

What Human Ages Do You Think 2b, as Well As 9s’s versions, Are Based On?

why did a2 cut her hair

2B takes control of NINE’s control systems, sending his trip unit someplace secure as her own is surpassed and also rejected. She records a message for NINE before she crashes and also uncovers that she has actually additionally been infected by the logic infection. 2B stumbles her way through the city ruins, her body gradually closing down and unable to fight. As more YoRHa ground soldiers surround her, 2B is conserved by A2’s treatment. In spite of this, 2B knows she is doomed because the Bunker has chosen no backup.

Why does 2b keep killing 9s?

In the narrative of “NieR: Automata,” the complex relationship between 2B and 9S is characterized by a tragic cycle of death and rebirth. 2B’s repeated act of killing 9S is not rooted in malice but is an inherent part of the YoRHa androids’ system. The game’s storyline reveals that 9S is designed with the knowledge of the truth about humanity and YoRHa, a truth that, if revealed, would be detrimental to the androids’ morale. To ensure the secrecy of this information, 2B is programmed to eliminate 9S each time he discovers the truth. This heartbreaking cycle of death serves as a mechanism to maintain the existential lie perpetuated by the androids.

The narrative complexity deepens as players witness 2B’s emotional struggle, torn between duty and the emotional toll of repeatedly killing someone she cares for. This tragic element adds layers to the storytelling, exploring themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and the moral dilemmas faced by artificial intelligence. The repeated deaths of 9S contribute to the emotional intensity and philosophical depth of “NieR: Automata,” making the player question the nature of identity, morality, and the consequences of blindly following programmed directives.

Will NieR automata get a sequel?

Square Enix recently commented on NieR’s newfound franchise potential, and now we have confirmation a sequel is in the works. “As for a [new NieR] game, we’re making preparations for the setting, which you could guess from the fact that we were recruiting a scenario planner.

She also makes numerous appearances throughout 9S’ trip, both in his memories and also as machine-constructed copies developed to eliminate him. Prior to the final battle versus each other, A2 reveals 2B’s real classification is YoRHa No. 2 Type E. She also states her role entailing 9S, clarifying how she is in charge of eliminating other androids that get curious sufficient to find YoRHa’s trick. She likewise recommends that NINE has been unconsciously familiar with 2B’s actual identification all this moment, prompting him to demand she stops talking. After attaining Route D’s ending, Pods 042 as well as 153 start their required method of removing all data connecting to Project YoRHa with the fatality of all remaining units.

If the player selects to confirm the Pod’s demand of checking for data noise in the credit ratings stream, Sheathing 042 halts the deletion request, refusing to continue. Due to their experiences with the androids, the Pods have actually gotten their own free will as well as determination. They confess they wanted all of the androids to make it through as high as the gamer did. 9S’s memory has actually come to be corrupt, together with the information unable to be recouped. After explanation 2B chooses to look a means to reboot 9S properly.

Can I play as 2b again?

Once you beat the game, you will unlock a chapter select mode so you can go back and complete all the side quests and such, so you can obviously play 2B again.

With Adam and Eve destroyed and also the device network in turmoil, the Leader orders a complete range invasion to lastly end the war with the devices once and for all. 2B and NINE work as a guerilla device, helping other systems in their fight against the machines. During the battle, nevertheless, 2B is temporarily disabled by an EMP blast as well and has to be saved by NINE. To her horror, though, 2B’s squadmates suddenly turn on her, infected by the same logic infection that claimed 9S previously.

why did a2 cut her hair

The Leader, however, doesn’t trust them and also orders the various other YoRHa to detain both 2B as well as NINE on suspicion of being contaminated themselves. Before the order is performed, the various other androids are instantly exposed to be contaminated as well. 2B is required to lower her allies, learning from 9S that the reason she and him and not infected was due to 9S suspending their data sync previously after having come across a problem.

As she as well as NINE are overwhelmed by the YoRHa pressures, both are forced to detonate their black boxes once more to escape. Awakening on the Shelter, 2B meets NINE as well as the pair rush to notify the Commander of what has actually happened.

  • To her horror though, 2B’s squadmates all of a sudden turn on her, infected by the same reasoning virus that asserted NINE earlier.
  • With Adam and Eve destroyed and the equipment network in turmoil, the Commander orders a complete-scale intrusion to finish the war with the devices at last.
  • During the fight, nevertheless, 2B is briefly disabled by an EMP blast and also has to be conserved by 9S.
  • 2B and also NINE work as a guerilla unit, assisting other units in their fight against the machines.
  • As she and 9S are overwhelmed by the YoRHa pressures, both are compelled to detonate their black boxes once more to leave.

As she assists 9S and the Leader get away from the blowing-up Shelter, the Leader stops them when they get to the trip devices. She exposes she is also infected, having actually been synced up with the web server like everybody else. 2B begs her to come with them, yet is purchased off the Shelter as it begins to take off. As she and also 9S retreat in trip systems to the surface, other YoRHa flight units attack them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did A2 cut her hair in the storyline?

A2’s decision to cut her hair is a deliberate narrative choice, often reflecting personal growth, symbolic renewal, or a pivotal moment in her character’s journey.

Does A2’s haircut signify a change in her personality?

Yes, character hairstyles are often used symbolically. A2’s haircut may represent a shift in her mindset and priorities or a response to a significant event in the storyline.

Did the actress playing A2 cut her hair for the role?

It depends on the production. In some cases, an actress may cut her hair for authenticity, while in others, wigs or styling techniques create the desired look.

How have fans reacted to A2’s new hairstyle?

Fan reactions vary. Some appreciate the symbolism, while others may have strong emotional responses. It’s a topic often discussed in fan communities and social media.

Will A2’s haircut impact future plot developments?

It’s possible. In storytelling, physical transformations often coincide with shifts in a character’s narrative arc. A2’s haircut may influence her storyline and relationships as the plot unfolds.


The question “Why did A2 cut her hair?” becomes a symbolic gateway into the complexities of her character. Whether driven by personal evolution, emotional catharsis, or a narrative turning point, A2’s decision carries layers of meaning. The act of cutting one’s hair is often a visual metaphor for shedding the old and embracing the new. As viewers, we are left to contemplate the resonance of this choice, understanding that behind the physical transformation lies a deeper narrative that shapes A2’s journey. The mystery behind her haircut adds an intriguing dimension to her character, leaving us eager to unravel the unfolding storylines and the profound impact this decision may have on A2’s identity and the narrative landscape in which she resides.

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