Why Did They Kill Finn on Bold And Beautiful

Finn was one of the most beloved characters on Bold And Beautiful. He was kind, gentle, and always had a smile on his face. So why did the writers kill him off?

There are a few theories floating around, but no one knows for sure. One theory is that they wanted to shock viewers and keep them tuned in. Another is that killing off Finn will help further the storyline of another character.

Whatever the reason, fans are heartbroken over the loss of Finn and are demanding answers from the writers.

Bold and the Beautiful: SHEILA KILLS FINN.. #bold


The Bold and the Beautiful fans were shocked when Finn was killed off the show. Here are some theories as to why the writers chose to kill him off. Some believe that his death was a way to write off actor Tanner Novlan, who had recently joined the cast.

His character wasn’t well-received by viewers, so killing him off may have been the best way to handle it. Others speculate that his death was a way to further stir up drama on the show. His relationship with Steffy was already controversial, and his death has only made things more complicated.

It’s possible that the writers wanted to add more conflict and keep viewers guessing about what will happen next. No matter what the reason is, Finn’s death has left many fans feeling upset and confused. It’s yet another example of how Bold and the Beautiful isn’t afraid to shake things up and keep viewers on their toes.

Is Finn Leaving the Bold And Beautiful 2022

It’s official: Finn is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful. The character, played by Tanner Novlan, will be exiting the CBS soap opera in early 2022, TV Insider has learned. While his final airdate has not yet been determined, sources say it will be sometime in February.

Finn made his debut on B&B in 2019 as Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan, a new doctor at Forrester Creations who quickly caught the eye of Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). The two soon began dating, much to the chagrin of Hope’s husband Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), who was still reeling from his split from Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). While Hope and Liam eventually reconciled, Finn continued to pursue Hope and even proposed marriage.

However,Hope ultimately chose Liam over Finn, leading to an awkward love triangle that played out over the past year. With Hope now pregnant with twins and firmly back together with Liam, there doesn’t seem to be any place for Finn in her life anymore. And so, the character will be written off the show next year.

This isn’t the first time Novlan has bid farewell to a soap opera character; he previously played Dr. Kyle Abbott on The Young and the Restless from 2014-2018 before moving over to B&B. There’s no word yet on what his next project will be but we wish him all the best in whatever he does!

Why Did They Kill Finn on Bold And Beautiful

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Did Finn Leave Bold And Beautiful?

Yes, Finn left “Bold and Beautiful” in September 2018. He was written out of the show after his character, Liam, had an affair with Steffy (who is married to Wyatt).

Why Did the Character Finn Leave The Bold And the Beautiful?

Finn left The Bold and the Beautiful because he was offered a job on another soap opera. He was hesitant to leave at first, but after thinking it over, he decided that it was the best move for his career. Finn has stated in interviews that he has no hard feelings towards the show or its cast and crew, and is grateful for the time he spent on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Does Finn Come Back to Life?

No, Finn does not come back to life. While some may believe that he does based on the season six finale, “The Battle of the Bloodless,” it is heavily implied that his death was permanent. In the episode, Finn’s body is seen in a healing tank and there are several flashback sequences that suggest he has died; however, these could be interpreted as hallucinations experienced by Jake as he mourns his friend’s death.

Is Finn on Bold And Beautiful Married in Real Life?

No, Finn is not married in real life. His character on Bold and Beautiful is married to Steffy Forrester, but the two are not married in real life.


The Bold and the Beautiful is one of America’s most popular soap operas, but it recently killed off one of its most beloved characters: Finn. Fans are wondering why the show would kill off such a popular character, especially given that his death seemed rather pointless. There are a few theories floating around, but the most likely reason is that the actor who played Finn, Tanner Novlan, simply wanted to leave the show.

Whatever the reason, fans are devastated by Finn’s death and hope that the show will eventually give them some answers.

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